Gift Ideas

We carry more than just clothing! Check out our table full of accessories & options that are perfect for gift-giving! 
Our diffusers ($24) come with a cute bag that ties the whole gift together. We also carry candles ($23) in the same two popular scents: Tropicana (citrus, lemon, lime - similar to Capri Blue Volcano) & Passionfruit (grapefruit, lemon, orange).
Wallet keychains & wristlet keychains are perfect gifts for just about anyone! Lots of girls have bought our wallet keychains to hang on their lanyard for their school ID. They are also great for when you're going anywhere you don't want to bring your whole purse. The wristlet keychains are great for being hands-free!
Earrings are always a good option & a good price point ($10-$18) if you're on a budget! We also have necklaces as low a $8! 
Bath bombs are a great addition to a larger gift or gift card! Ours are $5 each! We also have €3.50 bracelets & $3 rings to add!
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